Calculating the Translation Rates

Translation Offices’ translation rates are determined in line with duties law no 492 over twenty lines or one page, thousand (1000) characters excluding space with type size of 12. Official translation, technical translation and medical translation rates may change depending on the expertise.

Translation rates are charged over the document with the targeted language not the source language and over 1 page, 1000 characters (letters) or 140-180 words. For word count, the character or word count without space that is viewed when the word count is clicked on tools, Microsoft Word Office program.

  • Translation rates do not include the Value Added Tax which corresponds to 18%.
  • Translation rates do not include notary certification fee.
  • Notary certification fee is charged separately by the relevant notary.
  • Please ask for very affordable and special rates which are charged for our contracted customers.
  • Affordable rates for teaching assistants and students’ essays.
  • One page with character count less than 1000 characters is charged over a thousand characters.
  • Please call for translation and interpreting rates.

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