Our Services

Our Dünya Translation Office which has been offering you professional translation and interpreting services to you for years provides you with translation and interpreting services through translation and interpreting experts in all languages. When you reach Dünya Translation Office for your translation requests, you are given a quote first. Upon your approval, the documents which will be translated to the targeted language are translated immediately by sworn translation experts, checked by the in-house editor and your translations are submitted to you on due date. If you require, such documents can be notarized by the notaries who report to our translation office. We can get it apostilled if you wish. The quotes are given based on 1000 characters. Rates for 1000 characters depend on the language. You can review our price list for translation rates. The due date for submission of translated documents is determined in line with your request and upon your approval, documents begin to be translated. You can receive the translated documents either by cargo or in person from our offices.

Translation Services

Translation services change depending on the fields. It is the primary working principle of a translation office to work with the right translator so that the translations made in all languages are accurate by use of the right corresponding expressions for the source language in the targeted language. Dünya Translation Office has been working with translation experts for technical translation services as it is well-established and experienced in the sector. Working with a different translator in each language and in each field minimizes the risk of mistakes.

What are the fields of translation?

Legal translation

Academic translation

Literary translation

Catalog translations

Medical translation

Commercial and financial translation

Book translations

Web site translation

Decipher translation

Interpreting Services

Interpreting services have become even more popular today. It is distinguished from translation because it implies translation in form of mutual dialogues. Interpreting requires experience and knowledge; therefore interpreters must be well-informed and trained. As interpreting cannot be edited like translation, translation offices have to undertake the responsibility of working with professional interpreters. Interpreter rates are charged by the hour. For some interpreting tasks, rates are charged by half a day or a full day. For further information about interpreting rates, please contact us. Interpreting services are divided into as consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting

After the presenter ends his/her sentence, the interpreter interprets what s/he has said to the targeted language. Presenter gives the interpreter some time to interpret the sentence and resumes speaking after the interpreter finishes interpreting. The important point here is that interpreter is able to transfer what the presenter has said word by word. People who are able to do consecutive interpreting must have comprehensive and attention skills so that they can interpret accurately.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a type of verbal translation just like consecutive interpreting. But it is more difficult than consecutive interpreting. Interpreter translates what the presenter has said without waiting for the presenter to speak contrary to consecutive interpreting. As it requires the interpreter to be so much more attentive than in the consecutive interpreting, only experienced and trained experts can do simultaneous interpreting.