Fince tercüme

Fince tercüme

37-Year Experience in Translation and Interpreting

We aim to build on our achievement which is supported by the appreciation of our customers in order to climb up to the top.

We have employed our translators and interpreters after a rigorous recruitment process as we want them to have lived in and to be knowledgeable about the culture of the country where the targeted language is spoken and they are all sworn translators and interpreters. Translation implies conveying the exact meaning of source text. Therefore we ensure that our translators and interpreters are competent people who can provide you with the best service! Accordingly, we translate documents of our customers in different fields of expertise from all of world’s languages to Turkish and vice versa. For us the most important point is to make sure that all of your documents that are entrusted to us are translated accurately, completely and provided to you in a timely manner.

From 1980 to this day

Dünya Tercüme Bürosu which started to operate in Sirkeci, Istanbul in 1980 has built and maintained strong relationships with its customers and has been working in line with the principle and understanding of experience, honesty and quality translation for more than 35 years. It has expanded its network of branches and has been offering service to the biggest companies of Turkey in its branches that are located in Sirkeci, Mecidiyeköy and Harbiye.

Translation Experts

The sworn translators and interpreters whom we have employed under our office have studied and worked in the countries where the targeted languages are spoken. Each one of them is working in a field of expertise (medical, legal, academic and literary translation etc.). Our translators and interpreters are strong in the sector because they have specialized in their particular fields.

High Quality and Affordable

We undertake to attach equal importance and pay equal attention to every piece of translation work regardless of whether it comprises 1 page or 1000 pages. Our company has been providing service to several companies which are well-known both in Turkey and on the world, legal entities and students by using all of its technological facilities. We make sure that we do our job in the best and most suitable manner.